Saturday, August 18, 2012

Train= l.o.v.e

I love music, maybe I can't play an instrument but it makes me happy...If you like music please comment or like. This is such a cute song by Train.

Skinny love!

Discovered this beautiful song on you tube! So pretty. I am addicted to the piano! Love!

Friday, July 27, 2012


I LOVE SUMMER! Not because of the sticky heat that makes your armpits sweat and then you smell and have to get perfume to cover the evidence. Okay...I'm joking! I love summer because you can stay up late, read books and eat skinny cow ice cream which is my absolute fav! I love summer and if you love it too, comment, or like or whatever, but anyway. Thanks for reading my blog and please be a follower!

My Dad and I in Sedona...btw (he is holding a root beer):) (just thought you wanted to know that!):)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Snoot, Snoot and snootiness!

Doesn't it make you cringe when people are snooty. I think for me that is the worst thing a person could be is a snoot. I know some people that are and I hope that I am never like that! Snootiness mixed with pride is the worst. I cannot hang around people that up themselves all the time and have this snooty mentality. Like they always say stuff like 'Well my school is better' 'For my birthday I m going to Hawaii not the mall' ' I already have a car'. My mom said that when people act like that they are usually jealous of you. It still really irritates me. I just ignore them because people like that don't deserve your time.